Second win in a row for Beroe U19

The U19 team from Beroe won today 3:0 against FC Stara Zagora U19. The goals scored Plamen Penev in the first half and Ventsislav Ivanov and Kiril Lichev in the second part of the game.

Beroe’s team started motivated in the game and a quite few times Gospodin Mirchev’s boys were very close to the goal. Isus Angelov, Petko Ganev, Ivelin Monev and Angel Kostov had chances to score, but did not have luck.

In the 26th minute the ball was passed to Plamen Penev, who shot from 10 meters, but the ball hit the post, after goalkeeper Denis Stoev did touch it.

Two minutes later Ventislav Ivanov tricked the defence of Stara Zagora, went also past the keeper, but then could not manage to put the ball in the net.

Finally, the efforts gave a result when Dzuneyt Ali crossed the ball to Plamen Penev. He shot from the penalty area and the ball went in the net – 1:0.

Beroe started powerfully in the second half, but only after 20 played minutes the team scored it’s second goal. It was realised by Ventsislav Ivanov who got the ball from Isus Angelov and kicked it technically between the bars.

Three minutes later Plamen Penev passed to Kiril Lichev, who shot from 10 meters the third goal for Beroe in the game.

In the 80th minute Isus Angelov crossed to Borislav Zhelyazkov, who headed the ball in the net, but because of an offside the goal was not counted.

Two minutes later the ball hit the post after a shot from 26 meters from Zhulien Yordanov.

In the last minute of the game Vasil Botev took a side kick. Plamen Penev shot from 7 meters but a defender managed to kick the ball away from the goal line.

The U19 Team won it’s thirteenth game in a row and is on the first place with 40 points. On March 14 at 15:00 hours Gospodin Mirchev’s boys will be visiting Tundzha (Koprinka).