Zhaklin Taneva is Miss Beroe 2013

Zhaklin Taneva is the winner of the competition „Miss Beroe Fan“ 2013. Traditionally the rivalry for the title was very big, aber Zhaklin, who was born in Sofia, did win with 1151 votes in the second round. In the first she had more than 1500.

Zhaklin Stanislavova Taneva was born 19 years ago in the capital of Bulgaria Sofia. Since 9 years she, however, lives in the city of lime trees (Stara Zagora). She is daughter of the previous football player and president of Beroe Stanislav Tanev. He did pass on her the love for the team. The beauty describes herself as a positive and funny person. Her friends did recommend her to participate in the competition. She thinks that the win can only bring her popularity.

The winner in this year’s competition has the chance to meet her favorite player. And more, the beroe.bg team will give to her many fan articles.

For the third year in a row the jury also selected it’s favorite. This year this is Denitsa Makedonska. She is born in Pleven 25 years ago and supports Beroe since 3 years. The jury evaluated and voted high her love for the team and her charm.

All contestants will get the original Beroe match kit with signatures from all players.