Beroe U14 won against Zagorets U15

Beroe’s U14 team won against the U15 Team from Zagorets with 2:0. The boys of coach Venelin Sivriev were the better team on the pitch and deservingly won the game.

Beroe’s team did start good in the game and in the 7th minute they scored the first goal. Yoan Atanaschev managed to go past the defence of Zagorets and shot the ball past the goalkeeper in the net.

In the 15th minute Yordan Shterev took a free kick from a distance of 25 meters, but the ball did fly over the bar.

Five minutes prior to the end of the first half Dancho Svilenski tackled a defender and tried his luck, but a defender from the visiting team managed to defend well and blocked the shot.

In the 38th minute the captain Martin Kovachev shot from a free kick, but the ball did fly past the post.

Seven minutes later Mariyan Tonev got the ball and tried a kick from 23 meters, but once again there was no luck and the ball hit the bar.

Todor Ivanov tried a kick in the 48th minute just in front of the penalty area, the ball did hit a player from Zagorets and in that way changed its direction to end in the net – 2:0.

Seven minutes later Ivanov tried another shoot from 20 meters, but was unlucky.

In the 61st minute Yoan Atanaschev started an attack from the left, crossed the ball to Todor Ivanov, who kicked it towards the goal, but a defender from Zagorets managed the situation.

After todays win the U14 team has 36 points and is on the 3rd place in the ranking.