Manager reaction after Botev – Beroe

Beroe’s head coach Petar Hubchev spoke to media after the 1:0 away loss in the friendly against Botev Plovdiv.

„We are still in the first training phase of the preseason so it was normal that the players were a little tired. I am, however, satisfied with the effort they make. They are taking things seriously“ – explained the coach.

„We still haven’t found the right players for us. We need people which will make the team stronger. However, the athletes on trial are not impressing us. Maybe we will let them go.“ – he added.

„For the camp in Turkey I hope that the weather will be good, so that we can use the good pitches to do some tactical training. The physical effort will be less on those sessions.“ – Hubchev elaborated.

„Ventsislav Hristov has to be thankful to Beroe. This team helped him to gain international experience with the national team two times. The main reason for his upcoming transfer to HNK Rijeka is his, of course, but he had the support of everybody. Some people like him, others not. We, the coaches were most demanding towards him, because we know that he can do better. I wish him luck with his new team and hopefully he now makes a good career step for him. Beroe helped him to show some of his potential.“ – the coach said.

„We are looking not only for attacking players, we need to find people for a few positions. You can expect more players on trial in the next days.“ – Hubchev explained.